Creative Orion is always a preferred choice for businesses when it comes to logo design. We are the best logo-designing company in Faridabad.

Having a professional logo mark is very important for any business because it forms the brand identity and enhances the overall brand experience. It creates a mental connection between the company and its target audience.

Best Logo Designers in Faridabad

A logo helps to create an instantly recognizable identity, a logo is used on all the company’s products and marketing materials. It also helps in differentiating the brand from its competitors, creating a strong and memorable impression.

Having a logo is important but how your logo is designed is more important.

Creative Orion is a leading logo designing company in Faridabad. The company has been awarded as the best logo designing agency and top branding agency in Faridabad. We handpicked the best logo designers in Faridabad for our team. We at Creative Orion, follow a well-structured process that makes our designs more meaningful. Our logo designing process looks like this:

  • Project Brief

    Understanding what our client needs from the logo is very important for us, we always have a discussion with our client to understand the requirements and get a project brief.

  • Brainstorming / Research

    We always start the logo design process by taking a step back doing a good amount of research and brainstorming creative ideas for the client’s brand. We always try to incorporate the company’s mission, vision, and core values in design. Research other logos in the client’s industry. We take inspiration from existing designs, noting which elements work and which don’t.

  • Mind Mapping

    We always start with mind mapping to generate keywords which represent brand values and the overall purpose of the brand. We collect different relatable keywords and try to craft a logo story. Logo Story is very important to make any brand recognised and connected with its audience.

  • Sketching

    Moving from research to mind mapping, the next step is to start sketching based on the output from the mind mapping exercise. Sketching helps us understand the overall visual identity of the brand.

  • Illustration

    After sketching our next step is to illustrate the actual logomark, while illustrating any logomark we follow design principles and the golden ratio rule. The mark we design always works perfectly fine at any dimension.

  • Colour Palette

    Once the logo mark is finalised we move towards colouring as per the brand personality. We always keep a colour palette that perfectly communicates the brand voice and overall brand personality.

  • Logo Assets

    Once the final logomark is ready, we create logo assets which include styling, logo presentation at different real-life touch points, a logo user guide, fonts, logo icons & open files.

  • Creative Orion is helping businesses to create strong branding which is backed by solid 7-step branding processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A logo is a very important business identity that takes lots of research and analysis. It may take 1-5 days to design a logo depending upon the logotype, business category, and other customer requirements.

Although we have a questionnaire that narrows down the requirements to a very specific one, still we provide 3-5 variations of the logo to choose from.

We can do up to 3 revisions without any charge but if you still want more changes we do that on a paid basis.

We have a process in place that includes - Discovery, Evaluate the Brand, Industry Research, Sketching, Digital Draft, Final Concept

he cost of our logo design service depends upon the requirements. Pricing starts at USD100 only. The factors which determine the cost are logotype, number of revisions, research required, etc. We always set up a free consultation call/meeting before we submit our proposal.

We use Adobe Illustrator to design any logo.

Yes, we share a logo brand kit that includes logo icons, typefaces, fonts, color palettes, dos, and don’ts.

Yes, share logos in different dimensions. We will share logo source files to our clients.

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