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A graphic design or a creative agency is beyond all these shallow ideologies. A company that has a clear brand communication, brand personality, strong messaging system, strong beliefs, clear vision and mission statements and on top of everything is a great team of experts. The best graphic design company in Faridabad can directly contribute to the top line of any business.

Graphic designing is not designing an attractive logo, fancy typography, and an eye-catching colour palette for your brand, it’s beyond all of this. “A great design is a great message”

graphic design company in faridabad

A Leading Graphic Design Company in Faridabad.

Being a pioneer in graphic design and renowned as one of the best graphic design companies in Faridabad, Creative Orion delivers beautiful designs that add value to your online business across various platforms like website/social media. We just don’t design creatives we design communication, a strong communication that speaks louder than anything.

What Would You Get

  • Professional graphic designs
  • Value for money
  • Strong communication
  • A proven design process
  • Timely delivery of projects

Meanwhile, choosing an ordinary graphic designing company isn’t a wise decision at all. And also a huge compromise with your brand.
You’re just one click away from the best creative graphic design company based in Faridabad and Delhi.

Graphic Design Company

Why Choose Creative Orion?

Creative Orion can be a reliable partner in Faridabad for you in Graphic Designing. Making logos, web visuals, and print products that captivate your audiences is where our hearts truly lay. As an industry leader in graphic designing in Faridabad, we can help you create effective graphics which can be used in social media sites and also in Facebook and Google branding campaigns to increase your company’s visibility online. We care about your company’s growth and want to help your brand get noticed online.

Crystal clear picture of your needs and challenges.

The journey of establishing a brand would be much easier if you know the needs of your customers and the challenges they’re facing right now. Our professionals help you in understanding the needs and desires of your customers. We acknowledge the data-driven approach to track the challenges coming out in the way of your customers while chasing their desires.
At Creative Orion, we believe, “Creativity begins with the right kind of questioning.”
That’s why the journey of branding starts with figuring out the needs and challenges.

Connection > Attraction

An attractive design that can rotate your eyeballs, and influence you to hold on your attention, but it would inspire you also, not necessary! “Creativity is something whatever you design/ create that must hold the attention of the viewer and they feel a sort of connection at the first glance.” The designs we create inspire your customers to feel an instant connection with your brand.

Designs that communicate with your customers

A leading agency that can profoundly communicate/ convey your message to your customers via visual identity designs.
The message you want to convey to your potential customers through your designs, did it reach the audience correctly and accurately?

Innovative, experiment, and analyse

“A space of innovation, experimentation and analysis is another name of a creative agency.”
As a leading creative graphic design agency in Faridabad, the innovative minds of our designers never step back from new challenges. We brainstorm innovative ideas, implement them and analyse the whole process. In this process, everyone around the table comes up with ideas that allow a free-flowing and effortless state of innovation.

360° vision for your branding solutions.

We provide a well-rounded structure of expertise in branding. We all know that marketing isn’t a static process, it is dynamic.
Our team of experts supports your brand through all branches from a logo to a whole social media presence, from a post design to set up the marketing campaign, and from a perfect website to entire visual identity designs.

Absolute transparency between our processes

Our transparent process of creating your brand makes us different from our competitors. We always believe we’re here working with you, not for you. All you need to do is have faith in your brand and us.

Believe in the power of testimonials.

You should always patiently check out the testimonials before choosing a creative agency for your brand.
In addition, you can talk to them and ask about the results. Were they happy with the results?If you’re working with an agency, then the vision alignment of both parties is an essential element. Otherwise, it’s a very short-term relationship.

What We Offer in Graphic Design Services.

logo and identity design


brochure design


Flyer and Marketing materials


E Brochure


Social Media Creatives


Website Design


PPT Presentation


Packaging Design


Our Process.


We set up a face to face meeting or a call to discuss your business needs and how we can help you. The idea of this meeting or call is to understand long term and short term business objectives and then align our services accordingly.

After the discovery call, we prepare a formal proposal to sign off if you wish to proceed! The proposal consists of the services we're offering along with the final deliverables (timeline, pricing, expectations, etc.) We work at a minimum of 50% advance & in some cases, we ask 100% upfront.

As a next step, we do research on your competitors and target audience. We plan a strategy to form your brand personality. This process takes some time since this is a collaborative effort of the design and marketing team. We narrow down what personality and style, going to suit your brand. We present our proposed design concept(s) for you to review. Once the creative direction has been approved we begin creating your brand identity followed by visual identity.

After presenting the deliverables to you, we request your feedback and updates. We request valid reasons for the changes and updates to avoid multiple amendments. We do upto three revisions.

On approval of designs/work, we raise the final invoice. We send all the deliverables for your use. We also have a final send-off call, where we discuss the guidelines we set up for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We have a process in place, where we understand the requirements before kicking it off. We have a solid team who deliver the quality output.

Yes, we work on 50% advance policy.

We offer custom pricing based on the efforts.

We don't have printing service in house but we have associate who can work for you.

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