Website is a brand's representation in the online world. It is a window that helps your customers interact with your brand to avail your services and products. The more effective it is, the better is your chance to conduct your business more efficiently. Having a well-designed website often plays a crucial role in establishing your credibility in the online marketplace and leaves an excellent first impression on the visitors.

A study revealed that almost 75% of people judge a company's credibility on its web design.

A website should be designed to grab your audience's attention on the first go, which then makes them bound to explore it more. In this way, it helps your business to gain traction and ultimately leads to its success.

Some of the proven and top reasons to go for a good website design:

  • It leaves a positive and good first impression about your brand
  • Assists in your Search Engine Optimization Strategy (SEO)
  • Builds trust with your audience
  • Enhances your image as a good service provider
  • Creates consistency across your page

Moreover, to understand the importance of a good website design in a brand’s success, a study concluded that given 15 minutes to consume content, almost 2/3rd of the people would like to see something beautiful and visually stunning versus something plain and simple. The visual element has always played an essential role in online platforms, and many people evaluate a brand on this parameter, making it a deal-breaker in this online space.

Thus, website design can either drive conversions in your favor or bounce them away to your competitors’ websites. When your stakes are so high, you cannot afford to miss out just because of a bad web design despite providing excellent products and services.

We at Creative Orion have vast experience in designing websites for a range of companies across various industries. We blend our technical know-how and creativity to design websites that appeal to the masses and leaves a long-lasting impact. Leveraging our skillsets and expertise, we will help you decide what works best for your website, be it an adaptive or responsive design. We take utmost care of the most critical aspects that make a difference between a good and great website, some of which are as follows:

Create a professional look that establishes your business standards

We have an excellent eye for detail, be assured of an error-free website - no matter how small they maybe

Layouts that are easy to navigate and useful

Focus on your expertise on the products and services that your company offers

Create websites keeping your audience in mind to provide the best user experience possible

Design and portray your brand image by paying close attention to colors, layouts, fonts, and typography

Keep your website up-to-date with our post-service maintenance and support

Mobile and tablet friendly websites

Technologies & Tools We Work With.

We make sure to deliver the best websites for our clients, here is the list of the technologies and tools our web developers use

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Frequently Asked Questions.

We understand the requirements in detail, document them, find out the best technology fit, and assign the team accordingly.

It all depends upon the complexity and functionality of the website. Our website development cost starts as low as USD 200.

We develop static websites, dynamic websites, eCommerce websites, blog/newspaper websites, B2B websites, and web portals.

No, we provide website designing and development services all across the globe not just in Faridabad.

We work in different technologies such as Core PHP, Laravel, .NET, WordPress, Shopify, ROR, ReactJs, and NodeJs.

Yes, we have a team of highly creative graphic designers who can design graphics for any website.

After the contracts, we start any project within 48 hours.

Yes, We sign Non Disclosure Agreements.

Yes, we have in-house content writers.

Yes, We do offer digital marketing services.

Yes, We provide AMC at additional cost of 20-30% based on the project value.

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