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Corporate design is associated with a company’s visual identity. It refers to designing a company’s logo, tagline, colors, fonts, etc. It is often confused with corporate identity design, which refers to developing a company’s entire identity, including a company’s work culture, values, internal and external communications, along with designing a company’s visual identity. Characteristics of an excellent corporate design are its flexibility, recognizability, and authenticity. A brand needs to have a sustainable and consistent corporate design to increase brand recall and recognition. Our services range from designing logos for a brand to designing other assets such as business cards, marketing material, posters, letterheads, apparel, and more. Our logo designs are easy on the eyes, stand the test of time, communicate who you are as a brand, create a lasting impact on the audience.

A good corporate design is essential for proper branding. It acts as a blueprint as to how you want your brand to be perceived by the customers. Brands must get their visual identity right. We help our clients translate the idea of their brands into a strong visual identity that connects with their customers. We perform several iterations to get each of the elements of the corporate design right. We also help our clients in rebranding and redefining their brand's corporate design. At creative Orion, we ensure that each aspect of our client's visual identity communicates a clear and consistent message so that their customers can have the same pleasant experience, which can build and strengthen their associations with the brand.

Our customer-centric approach ensures an end-to-end implementation of corporate design projects. We create corporate designs which are relatable, relevant, and consistent with your brand's mission, vision, and nature. We have an in-house team of experienced and passionate designers who work relentlessly to create superior value for our clients. Our design experts follow corporate design best practices to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. We believe in open communication and focus on developing strong relations with our clients by delighting them through our services.

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We as branding experts understand the importance of having a great corporate identity, so we do everything from the logo to stationery design, business card to marketing material design, letterheads to packaging designs, web design to social media designs.

Yes, we can take your current logo and guidelines and design other corporate identities as per your requirements.

It may take a week or more depending upon your requirements.

Yes, we give a complete branding kit that will have complete details of all your corporate design elements and a user guide.

Corporate identity design is teamwork, where a lot of discussions are required to understand business in detail. We generally cost USD200 to USD 500 to design a brand corporate identity.

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