May 11, 2022

Nowadays, every business knows the importance of having a website. The primary goal of having a website is to generate leads via traffic on your website. For that, you put the best content on your website to convert those leads into profitable conversions. Also we will discuss about how can you transforming your online presence and website into a lead generator by teaming with a skilled website designing company in Gurgaon.

After all these actions, what if your website is unable to generate leads?

Isn’t it frustrating?

Conversions are the backbone of business survival. But unfortunately, despite having a functional and eye-catching website, many businesses suffer from conversion and boosting their sales.

Here we’re sharing the 7 most common mistakes you might be doing and your website isn’t generating leads.

You’re ignoring SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most crucial aspect of enhancing your website rankings organically.

SEO friendly content increases your google search ranking, drives traffic to your website and boosts your sales.

Investing in SEO today will give you eventually more traffic, more conversations, and more sales. All you need is an SEO expert.

CTA is the essence of your content

You’ve often heard the term ‘CTA’. CTA is call-to-action. It is the action plan that is used to give directions to your customers or visitors over your website. In simple words, CTA tells, ‘what to do next?’

For example; Buy now, Read more, Sign up now, Get the subscription, Book your slot, etc.

Social media share buttons and widgets are also CTA.

An appropriate CTA gives the instructions to the user and inspires them to take immediate action. CTA directly affects the conversation rate.

Irrelevant and insufficient content

“Content is The King”.

Website content is the only medium between your business and visitors. So always remember you have only a few seconds to leave a good impression and turn them from visitors into your loyal customers.

Always make sure that you’re offering relevant and sufficient informative content which would be easy to digest. Relevant and well-written content automatically catches your reader’s attention, increases users’ engagement and motivates them to establish a connection with your business.

Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

In this digital era, the number of mobile users is increasing day by day.

That’s why having a mobile-friendly website makes it more reachable and super handy. Providing a seamless mobile experience to the user reduces the bounce rate and increases the conversation rate.

Poor website navigation

Poor navigation could be the main cause of your website’s suffering. In simple words, navigation is the user experience while moving around your website.

Poor navigation leads to take U-turn from your website by visitors. Always remember this fact you have only a few seconds to leave a long-lasting impression on the visitors.

Keep in mind that only smooth navigation will provide great user experiences, retain visitors and generate more conversations.

Not sharing values through your content

Writing good content is different and sharing values through your content is different. Well written content will make it attractive and inspire readers to read it till the end.

But valuable content will make it memorable and inspire the reader to revisit your content.

For writing valuable content, you should address any pain point of your reader and give them simple and proper solutions. This will be the biggest reason to revisit your visitors and overall increase

Ignoring structured content and proofreading

Along with well-written content, well-structured content is also important. The language of your content must be easy, simple and understandable.

Also, so many people make the mistake of putting content without proofreading. That’s the silliest thing. Before publishing the content, always proofread it to make the content errorless.

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