April 4, 2023

Typography is crucial in branding. To make written language understandable, aesthetically pleasing, and legible, the writing must be arranged and designed. Correct fonts successfully communicate your brand’s personality and messaging. This blog will discuss typography as an art and how to choose the best fonts for your brand.

Recognise Your Brand

You must comprehend your brand before you hunt for fonts. Ask these questions before setting up brand typography.

What characteristics characterize your brand ?

And what Messaging to deliver ?

What are your core values and goals?

Your brand’s personality and values should be reflected in the fonts you select.

For instance, serif fonts, which are classic & elegant, are a good choice if your brand is traditional and formal. You might choose to use sans-serif typefaces, which are elegant and straightforward if your brand is contemporary. You might wish to select script or handwritten typefaces, which are whimsical and lighter if your brand is fun and playful.

Choose a Main Font

You can begin selecting fonts once you have an understanding of your brand. Your primary font should be the first one you pick. This typeface will be used for both the headlines and the name of your company.

The following elements should be taken into account while selecting a primary font:

Legibility: The font should be readable in a variety of sizes and settings.

Personality: The font needs to convey the core values and principles of your company.

Versatility: The font should be functional in a variety of settings, including your website, social media platforms, and promotional materials.

Choose Supplementary Fonts

You can always select alternative fonts after selecting your primary typeface. Subheadings, body copy, and other text components should be in supplementary fonts. These fonts should enhance the overall appearance and feel of your brand and work in harmony with your primary font.

While selecting supplementary or secondary fonts the following elements should be taken into account :


To provide visual appeal, the secondary fonts should always stand out from your primary font.


Your secondary typefaces should complement your primary font and work nicely together.

To create a hierarchy of information with varying levels of relevance, secondary fonts should be used.

Think About Accessibility

Typography is more than just beautiful design. It also has to do with accessibility. You want everyone, especially those who are visually impaired, to be able to read and understand your fonts. This means that you must select fonts that are readable even at reduced sizes.

Consider the below things into account when selecting fonts for your brand:

Font size:

The font needs to be large enough to read clearly on all screens, be it small or big.


The typeface and background should be different enough to make it easy to readable.


Those who are colour-blind or have other visual impairments should also be able to read the fonts.

Check the Fonts

It’s crucial to test your typefaces in various settings after selecting them. Make sure they function properly on your website, social media accounts, and marketing collateral. Also, you want to confirm that they can be read in various sizes and on various devices.

The below elements should be taken into account while testing your fonts:


It refers to how easily the fonts can be read in various sizes and on various backgrounds and digital screens.


The fonts should always complement each other and the colour scheme and visuals of your brand.


Finally, typography is a skill that can make or ruin your branding. You may develop a consistent look by knowing your brand, selecting appropriate fonts, and experimenting with them in various settings.

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