October 13, 2021

UI and UX are two of the most commonly used terms when we talk about mobile and web applications. Quite often these terms are used interchangeably but there lies a difference. Let’s first make an attempt to know the differences and then try to understand why they are considered so important for any company and their brands.

UI stands for User Interface. As the name suggests, it is the point where the users/customers interact with an application or a website. This can include the screens, pages, buttons, and any other visual element that helps the user interact with the website/application. A good UI is not only visually pleasing but scores high on responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility. UX, or User Experience, on the other hand, refers to the user’s experience of their interaction with the company, its services, and products. It is about how a user feels while interacting with your product. UX designing is the process that aims to enhance the customer experience through improvements in areas such as usability and accessibility that ultimately leads to a positive experience.

What makes UI/UX design so important? Any business has the primary objective of increasing their sales as well as grow continuously. For this to happen, acquiring new customers is a must and plays a crucial role in a competitive scenario. Because of the intense competition, users have plenty of choices and alternatives for various products and services. By looking at how a typical user buys their products/services, we can see why having a good UI/UX design scores an edge in the online marketplace. In most cases, people looking for a service or product will do a simple search (read Google) to find the right vendor. The user then quickly goes through different websites to find the right match and doesn’t spend much time on any one particular website. So, a business with a website or mobile application just gets a small window in which it needs to provide the right experience and win customer satisfaction. You have to ensure that your interface design is such that anyone looking for a specific offering product/service can find them with ease. The design and structure should be such that it is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and user-friendly. It is only after this your offerings will start attracting customers leading to increased sales and growth for your business. Always remember that you may have a great product/service, but a poor experience on your website/mobile application can turn away your prospective customers. By now, you must have understood how UI/UX design is important and the way it makes all the difference in a crowded marketplace.

We at Creative Orion offer UI and UX services to help clients enhance their digital presence and create a flawless experience for their customers. Be it a website or mobile application, we believe in providing a seamless experience that helps you win customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of good design and hence our focus is to always make every customer interaction into a great digital and delightful experience. With our skills and expertise, we create designs that are bound to have a lasting impact on the users. Think of us as your trusted partners that are here to help you in achieving your business goals.

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