A catalog or catalog is a book or pamphlet compiling all the products and services offered by a company, organization, or business. It’s a document that has the complete list of products or services arranged systematically, often arranged alphabetically. Catalogs can also contain all the details about the work of an individual or business, such as all the paintings made by a painter can be summed up in a catalog or a list of all the products manufactured by any company can be shown in the catalog

Catalogue Design

The standard size of a catalog is 8.5 x 11 inches. This size gives the team of Creative Orion enough space to fill the catalog with all the relevant details and pictures of products and services offered by your company or organization.

The team of Creative Orion is dedicated to creating catalogs that help convert prospects to your clients or customers.

Are you confused about how do we do that?
Well, we use powerful product photos in the catalogs which catches the attention of viewers in a jiffy. It’s our number one priority to use amazing photos that help retain viewers. We make sure that images highlight the product features. Visuals create about 80℅ of the impact on the viewers so we make sure to use high resolution and good quality photos, often with different angles to showcase the best side of products. Catalogs designed by Creative Orion keep the viewer engaged and focused on the services and products your company offers. We also write compelling product descriptions to provide more value to the readers. We also try to incorporate stories to keep viewers curious to read more. We never forget to incorporate Call to Action phrases and words to help the reader take their next step, like buying more products or services which are similar to the one they came for. While making Digital catalogs, we also keep in mind to link your products and services redirecting the customer to the website. Videos are also added in digital catalogs to create a lasting impact.

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