A logo is a graphic symbol or mark that is usually a combination of images and text, used to recognize or identify a business, company or organization. A well-designed logo makes your business stand out in the crowd of competitors. Logo helps people to understand your work, the services you provide, who you are and what you stand for. It sticks to our minds and builds trust and value. The logo is one of the most challenging parts of graphic designing. A logo should be unique. However, it is not a good idea to make it too unique that it becomes tough for others to understand what your logo stands for.

Logo Design

It should be simple and easy to remember and recognize. Many of the world’s most famous logos are simple designs, made using very few colours. For example, Coca Cola, Heinz Ketchup, Nike, Levi’s, Apple logos. It takes a lot of effort to make a logo face of the brand. If a company has a good logo, it automatically raises the company’s brand value and makes it super easy for the company to increase its profit and customers.

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Types of Logo

Are you confused about the type of logo you should choose for your brand? Let us have a look at seven types of the logo

Lettermark Logo

Lettermark logos are the cool way to make logos for the brands having several words.  Just take the initials of the brand name and convert it to a logo, rather than converting a lengthy name into your logo. Since lettermark logos are quite simple, the font should be eye-catching to make them unique.

For example, it is easy to remember NASA, rather than remembering the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Famous clothing brand Louis Vuitton (LV) and Home Box Office (HBO) also uses lettermark logos. If you are a startup or a new business, the lettermark logo may confuse people. It would be best to write your full business name underneath the logo so that people can start recognizing you. You can remove the name once it’s recognizable in future.

Wordmark Logo

Wordmarks are simple yet powerful logo designs. They are easy to recognize. Wordmarks use typography, i.e. brand name in the logo instead of using symbols and graphic patterns. The whole identity of the brand depends on the font and color used in the logo. They are perfect for new businesses with short names, creating a connection instantly.

Google, Subway, Coca-Cola, Disney are a few examples of wordmark logos.

Logo Symbols

These types of logos are symbols, graphic marks or images that represent an object from the real world. Choosing a perfect logo symbol is one of the most challenging things for a brand. But once you have chosen a perfect picture that deeply connects with your purpose, your logo becomes timeless. Apple, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat are some of the epic examples of logo symbols.

Abstract Logo

Abstract logos is a thought-provoking logo that is perfect for brands that have a lot to say. It combines multiple emotions and concepts in a single logo using geometrical shapes that express something specific about your business. A lot of logos that you see every day are Abstract Logos. Sony Playstation, Airbnb, NBC, XBOX, Adidas, Spire are some of the abstract logos that make a statement.

Mascot Logo

These logos have illustrations usually related to non-human entities and real or imaginary human characters. These logos are colorful and cartoonish creating a warm and fun-loving image of the brand which makes people feel more attracted towards the character representing the company. Mascot logos are often used for sports, food, and beverage companies such as KFC, Pringles, Cheetos.

Combination Mark Logo

As the name suggests, these types of logos are a combination of various kinds of logo designs. The best part about combination logo marks is that you can mix and match multiple logos to get the desired result. Make sure to not overload by combining too many logos. They are also easy to edit. Some brands that used combination mark logos are Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Puma, Dominos Pizza, and Adobe.

The Emblem Logo

Emblem logos are the oldest traditional logos that provide the most powerful feel to your brand. They often have rich detail than other types of logo and usually features text inside a geometrical shape. The only con of the Emblem logo is that because of detailing, they may not look good while resizing to smaller resolutions. Prestigious school, Most popular Universities like Harvard University,  Stella Artois beer, and Harley Davidson are some of the classic examples of Emblem logos.

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A logo is a very important business identity that takes lots of research and analysis. It may take 1-5 days to design a logo depending upon the logotype, business category, and other customer requirements.

Although we have a questionnaire that narrows down the requirements to a very specific one, still we provide 3-5 variations of the logo to choose from.

We can do up to 3 revisions without any charge but if you still want more changes we do that on a paid basis.

We have a process in place that includes - Discovery, Evaluate the Brand, Industry Research, Sketching, Digital Draft, Final Concept

he cost of our logo design service depends upon the requirements. Pricing starts at USD100 only. The factors which determine the cost are logotype, number of revisions, research required, etc. We always set up a free consultation call/meeting before we submit our proposal.

We use Adobe Illustrator to design any logo.

Yes, we share a logo brand kit that includes logo icons, typefaces, fonts, color palettes, dos, and don’ts.

Yes, share logos in different dimensions. We will share logo source files to our clients.

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