November 22, 2021

Have you ever encountered a combination of colors or imagery and get reminded of a particular brand? Well, this is all because of solid corporate design, an element that companies strive to get right. Companies spend a hefty amount on corporate design services to create a robust design that sometimes takes years to make a strong impact. This article will discuss what a corporate design is, why it is essential, and how a company can create a solid corporate design. We will also look at some of the examples on our way to understand things better. So, let’s get started.

A corporate design is essentially a company’s visual identity. It includes its logo, tagline, colors, fonts, shapes, uniforms, stationery material, etc. It is crucial to have an excellent corporate design because it connects people associated with your brand with a visual bond. It gives an organization a visual form to communicate to the outside world. So, it becomes critical for a brand to have a consistent corporate design to articulate a coherent message to its internal and external customers. A good corporate design incorporates a company’s core identity – its mission and vision. It should be flexible and authentic. It should be sustainable in a way that stands the test of time. It lets your audience differentiate your brand from the competitors’ and enables ready recognition and recall

Time and again, organizations have revisited their elements of corporate designs to better them to reflect the organization’s essence in an intended manner. For example, Airbnb moved away from the then modern script logotype to a simple stylized logo which incorporated Airbnb’s nature of belonging, international, friendly, adventurous. Companies that have strong corporate designs at place are rewarded in terms of positive image and reputation. For example, Apple, which incorporates sleek and clean designs, is still considered an innovative brand that sets the benchmark for others. A strong corporate design thus adds tremendous value to a company’s brand equity. It is necessary for a company’s development and improvement. It also gives an idea about the quality of a company’s offerings to the customers. Hence, it is often good to concentrate on simple and essential elements during corporate designs.

There are different ways to go about a corporate design. For example, suppose a company has a history and legacy and is planning to rebrand itself. In that case, one should remember to evolve the designs effectively so that they do not lose their heritage and still look fresh. Mostly, companies use a selected palette of colors in their corporate designs. However, companies like Deliveroo successfully use an extensive palette of colors that go well together and still keep the branding intact. You can look at your competitors and go in a totally different direction in terms of design to create that differentiation. Some people like to keep it restricted to basic shapes and styles, which is always a good idea. The list goes on but always remember, a good corporate design is an investment that pays huge returns, and it can only work in a combination of each element.

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